Page screen real state

There should be an option to reduce the huge margins that are set by default. It limits the space available for expressions and it’s a waste of screen. I also attached a screenshot to show how much it changes the look of a page.

Example below (in Notion):


@marcoccio Agree! And an option to set full-width by default (unlike Notion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). If needed I can make a separate feature request for that…


So… I was taking some notes and noticed something, I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, I guess it is.

The page width is similar to an A4 paper sheet. I assume this is intentional so that exporting to pdf maintains the page layout, something Notion does really bad. It occurred to me that a pop-up window could be implemented when one exports, having the original page in full width, which allows to rearrange the page so that it is correctly exported in the desired paper size without modifying the original page.

If I can make some time I’ll try to make some mockup.


Also, the minimum size of the window is way to large! I often want to have a small note window next to what i am working on.

I am on macOS.


We will fix that in the next release!