Page positioning in vertical monitor

Describe the bug
On a vertical monitor, when opening a page, the page starts too high and the search bar and top bar disappear.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Resize window to be long and skinny
  2. Click on the Library next to your portrait
    2a. On the Library, the buttons to switch between types and relations is semi hidden.
  3. Click on an object within a set.
    3a. On an object, the top bar disappears. Also I can not move or resize window.

Expected behavior
The title etc start a little bit lower to make room for the top/search bar in an object.
In the Library, have the entire page start lower so that the toggle between types and relations is fully visible. (Note the skinny part of the rectangle in the top of the first screenshot)

System Information:

  • Windows 11
  • Anytype Version: 0.23.5

Additional context

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Hey, I cant reproduce this on Linux.
Is there a specific order of actions you do resizing the window and selecting an object. Could you write it down?

On the first image (the library), this seems to be the default behavior. And it is indeed regrettable that the search is not there.

But on your second image, I can’t reproduce this bug either. I don’t have a vertical resolution, but even if I minimize the window and extend it vertically several times, I still can’t reproduce it.

I’m on Windows 10, it would be useful to see with other users of Windows 11.

When having the “Store” in full screen there isn’t any “back” or “cancel” button. :sweat_smile:

So it seems like with selecting an object, it only happens when the object is opened from a set. When the object is opened from the history or the frontpage search, it has the top bar.

In the library, if you note in the screenshot, it has part of the toggle between types/relations visible, but not fully.

In the second image, I realised it only glitches when opening an object from a set. It has the top bar if I open an object from history. I have updated my post to reflect this.

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Yes, this has to do with it opening a popup instead of the page being fullscreen. When you click an object from a set, it opens up in a popup by default, and therefore all of the navigation buttons are not visible. This was also mentioned elsewhere: