Page on dashboard bugged (in favorites)

It happened to me. I tried to clean the relations that i was testing so, on Linux, i delete the anytype2 folder under .config. Then I relaunch and this empty file appears. On iOS also shows ups

Sometimes it take time the app to sync. Try restarting it and wait a bit.
If it still has an irrelevant state, please proceed with this guide: Sync problems, White screen or not responding, high resource consumption - #5 by Vova

Is this still happening to someone?

For me it hasn’t, even the one in the bin is gone now. So for me it is solved. Or is still solved and hasn’t returned.

Don’t know if @acehituna still has it?

If you are referring to the blank/loading tile, it’s happening to me on my first and very recent installation (0.27.0 on Linux and 0.8.2.-alpha on Android). I haven’t even taken the time to create more than 1 or 2 pages.

That blank tile only shows on the desktop app.