Page name listed as 'Untitled' after name is edited

Creating a new page using the ‘@’ function has set the default page name to ‘Untitled’, but after clicking into this page and editing the name of it, the name doesn’t update in the place where it was created and still lists it as ‘Untitled’


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Apologies! Had some issues posting this one here. Will list replication steps below:

    1. Open a page
    1. Type ‘@’
    1. Click ‘Create new page’ - Page name is automatically set to ‘Untitled’
    1. Open the new page
    1. Change the title
    1. Go back to original page - Page link here still has the name of ‘Untitled’

Would expect this link to change along with the change in page title

Currently running on Windows, Lenovo Thinkpad, Version 0.18.1

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@bskinner Hi! It’s normal behavior of this feature.

@Kirill_Lem How is this a feature? I don’t see how it can be useful to anyone in any situation.

[See the video linked here to make sure we are on the same page.](


Agreed. Certainly doesn’t make sense for the page name on the link to never update in these cases.

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I think the best way to handle this is to immediately navigate you to the new page and when the title of that page is updated (only the first time) use that name for the block that created the page.

@JordanDrako I like the sound of this. I would however like to see the page name on the link update along with any future updates to the page name (not just in this first instance). I feel like these should always match?

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It should be possible to link to a page using text other than the name of the destination page (which I’m not sure is currently an option). But if you do link to the page by name initially, I agree that the name should change in any links if the page name changes.

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Agreed. I think that notion has functionality such as this. You can set any text to be a hyperlink (which can obviously be a page within notion) but you can also have an ‘object’ (not sure what you would call it) which is a link to a page and this should dynamically show the name of the page. Also ties into something mentioned in [305](Highlight external links) about page links having the page icon alongside them to differentiate them.

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@BGray @bskinner You are right that this feature is not as useful as it could be. It’s a technically complicated task to implement showing a changed name in the block, but plan to do that in the future.


Seems to be solved in version 0.19.0.