Page link text doesn't update if page title changes

If I create an inline link to Page B within Page A, then change the name of Page B, I expect the link text in Page A to change accordingly.

This happens on desktop, but doesn’t on mobile (Android).


@qualquertipo could you make a screen recording of this issue? I cannot reproduce on Android (Anytype v0.8.2)

In the example below, I have 2 objects (Peter Parker and Spider man), which I reference using @ in a third object (Story). Changes to the titles of the 2 objects aren’t reflected in the third one. (I’m in 0.8.2 as well)

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are these object created on Desktop or Android? I created my Objects on Android and cannot reproduce the issue. Both Objects are of Object Type “Page”, too.

Android. Both created as pages.

Good to know it works

The problem might be related to the sync issue I’ve been having (changes in Android don’t show in Windows app anymore since I did a mass deletion of objects there). Though I’d expect this to work even if I were offline tbh…

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@qualquertipo Thank you! Report is added to tracker

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@qualquertipo could you please test this on the latest Android release? I still cannot reproduce the issue…

Still happens

Android 12, Pixel 6, Anytype 0.10.0

Clear, thanks!

Could you try to edit the second @-mentioned page? For me this seems to be limited to the first item if there are multiple inline @-mentions. Basically, try again but now edit “Hard place”.

I edited both pages.

Oops, somehow missed that last part…

Edit: very strange, this sometimes works and sometimes does not… Can’t seem to find out why exactly…

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