Page is showing "Header 2"


i have made a page with the desktop app (win 10), it looks ok,

but the page is android showing “Header 2” in one passage.

Markdown Problem ?

Please have a look at the screenshots

This is not a bug, it is an empty header. If you click that line on Windows 10, it will say “Type text or / for commands” in the style of Header 2. You must have accidentally created it. You can delete that line and insert a blank one to have some space between the bullet list and “Zubereitung”.

If you were using header tags to adjust the width of the space between the two elements, don’t do it. It’s not how Anytype works.

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ahhhh ok.

I was thinking in this way but i was not shure.

Thanks a lot :hugs:

@BGray Thank you for the detailed explanation.