Page disappeared/missing and pasting picture from clipboard crash

This is a 2 in one, since one could have to do with the other.

In short: i had the app freeze (had to forcibly close) when trying to paste a picture, and later i noticed a page i had archived/restore disappeared (completely, not coming up on search)- but i cant be sure if the freeze triggered the disapearence or if the page was already missing before that (and i hadnt noticed)

Bug 1: Paste picture from clipboard crash

pasting a picture straight from clipboard always crashes. Ive attempted it 3 times, app hangs on processing everytime and have to be closed.

to reproduce: copy an image on windows, from the web- or in my case windows snapshot/screenshot, and pasting it on a block. Ive only noticed it from pastes from the clipboard.

expected behaviour: image pasted, no freezes, like dragging images do.

Bug 2: Page Missing

Page disappeared, not even showing up in the search.

steps to reproduce: unclear, im taking a wild guess:

1- delete page(archive)

2- restore

3- created sub-page, editing sub-page

? 4- have the app freeze by another bug/issue and or forceably closing the app (unclear if it was related or triggered the event)

? 5- and or have the app freeze/force close and restart 2 or more times in a short amount of time.

Its unclear to me if the app-freeze/restart (wich happened 2-3 times in a short row, as i was purposefully seeing if the bug 1 would replicate) was the trigger- as anytype opens in the last used page, i was inside the missing page’s sub-page for too long to notice/if when the parent page went missing)

Context: in details

The missing page was the parent of the page where the picture-paste crash happened.

It was at some point after deleting-restoring the parent page, but i cant precisely pinpoint when it happened (as i was working in the sub-page, between app restarts- ive missed when exactly the parent disappeared). In between creation, deleting/restoring and working on a sub-page of it the app hang up/freezed and had to be forcedly closed.

ps: i cant recall if the missing page already had the sub-page when deleted/restored.

The very first page i made was called test(delete), as i was testing the behaviour of creation of pages and ‘deleting’(archiving), to understand how things were working in the current state without actual delete- so i deleted it and then restored it.

Later on, while working on a sub-page inside said ‘test(delete)’, i tried pasting a picture from the clipboard- causing the app to freeze/stuck at ‘processing’. I then proceeded to force-close the app.

I repeated the attempt to paste the picture one or two more times- i cant recall if i closed the app by the exit window button, quit or in taskmanager, but i dont recall going through task manager.

I also didnt noticed what the sync symbol status was at any of these stages.

My first guess (wild, blind shot) is that if the sync was taking too long (to sync the page was created/archived/restored)- or even to sync it was created in the first place- maybe the hang-up/freeze and restart caused a de-sync so to speak.

But i dont know if that makes sense- the creation, deleting(archiving) and restoring of the missing page happened quickly. The cretion of a new page(subpage) inside of it was quick too- but i was editing the sub page for awhile until i pasted the picture causing the crash… and this particular page, where the picture-paste crash happened didnt disappear. It was missing from the ui since the access to it was the now missing parent- but page 2(subpage) could be found just fine by search.

Both bugs happened in windows 10, latest update


I can second the picture-paste-crash, I have to save the files to computer and then drag them in. Copying out of Anytype works just fine. I am also on the latest Windows version (0.18.1).

Processing never goes away, app is fully usable behind it.

@vincer Hi! Sorry for the long answer. I have tried to reproduce your cases and I can’t repeat them. Can I ask you to record a video on how to reproduce both of these bugs?

I’m having a similar issue with 0.28.0 can’t paste an image into anytype from clipboard just get an error or stuck forever in a loop.