Page blocked to load


On a page with already a bit of everything (test page so with table, set, images, …), I wanted to add a bookmark.

  • enter \link → choice of Bookmark (click on boorkmark in the menu)
  • paste my link
    It didn’t work (grey box, clicking on it opened my Windows explorer)
  • click on the box and paste the link

There, no more access to anything on the page (impossible to click or type anything else)

  • back to the homepage, back to the page : it loads indefinitely
  • relaunch of anytype : same thing

The page is synced, when I open the history, it is displayed but if I leave the history, it starts loading again indefinitely


I didn’t have any problem on this page before. My other pages/objects work fine


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  • OS:
    Windows 10
  • Anytype Version:
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Hi @Shampra, could you try to make a screen recording of this issue?

Hi @sambouwer

I made a gif of the problem, but impossible to make one of how it happened.
I had tried to reproduce it, without success.
And today, the page is accessible again (on all the synchronized computers).

I had already had a case of blocking of the page in progress (no more possible to edit) but without the problem of page loading.
If it happens again I will give more info. Otherwise… that’s fine :sweat_smile:


No more new cases since this ticket, I’m closing.
… oh, I can’t. I’ll do my best to keep it off the bug todo list.
…too slow :grin:. Thanks @Angelo

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Moved topic to Bug Cemetery