Outline plugin like Obsidian

I usually store all my ideas on a single page. Much like writing a diary. Many times it is seen that I have to find any information 3/4 months ago. The outline feature is very useful in this case. Im give the example of Obsidian below.

If such a feature can be brought then those of us who like to write long notes will benefit a lot.


Hi @suny24x7, would the combination of /toggle and the Table of Contents block fulfil your needs here? Use “/toc” to have a block with an overview of all headings on your page.

@suny24x7 in addition to my proposed solution or workaround: maybe it is nice to have a TOC in the sidebar by default? Would either of my proposed solutions be something that you like? If so, I kindly ask you to adjust your post to reflect this. I can adjust it for you if you no longer can adjust it yourself.

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Closing in favor of Outline feature and bulletpoints in Anytype with a similar request (and linked related requests).