Options in select and multi-select relations aren't sorted alphabetically

What’s The Bug?

Options in select and multi-select relations aren’t sorted alphabetically
This issue re-appeared with the release of v0.38.0 and is still reproducible in v0.38.3 alpha as well.

How To Reproduce It

  1. Create a set/collection
  2. Create a relation with type select or multi-select
  3. Create some options, they won’t be sorted

Image or Video

Screenshot 2024-02-04 000818.png

The Expected Behavior

Relation’s options to be sorted alphabetically


PC / Laptop


Windows 11

Anytype Version

v0.38.3 alpha

Technical Information

OS version: win32 x64 10.0.22621
App version: 0.38.3-alpha
Build number: build on 2024-02-01 15:09:42 +0000 UTC at #c3d8762ffffb01462992faf9592d3cb931dc7ed9 (dirty)
Library version: v0.31.0
Anytype Identity: AAi5pJduhfVPGFybxvwfrxfjBmhhyLX4TYz8toHRr1VDCYQc
Analytics ID: 3563472c-ac88-43d4-89f9-224d2db3c0b5
Device ID: 12D3KooWRgzAq3n8Grx4m66ejeEAJb2HW4M2XmwzqFBNW9bnjbhE