Options for an amoled dark theme (when dark theme rolls out)

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Not so much related to a problem but just more of a preference

Describe the solution you’d like

As someone who prefers amoled dark themes (especially in writing apps) i’d like for there to be the amoled option when the dark theme feature rolls out for both the android and ios apps.

I’m aware not everyone prefers the contrast so I wouldn’t mind it just being an option even alongside a grey dark theme option.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

I use iA writer and Typora for long form writing and on those I use the amoled dark theme options because I have a bad habit of writing way into the night with my lights of and i’d prefer not to be blinded.

Additional context

For context here is a darker than the usual grey dark theme on notion ( a render by Leonardo Mattei on Dribble):


Great suggestion!

I’d like this too. It’ll be a great inclusion alongside the regular night theme (assuming it to be the usual gray-ish colour instead of pure black).


Love that!

I know what I’m about to say may seem banal to people who don’t use dark mode.

When you use dark mode in all programs, websites, android… (in some cases forced) using an interface as white as anytype’s is not nice (I don’t want to sound pedantic, my english level is not good).

I have unconsciously noticed that I have a resistance to creating long documents in anytype for this reason.

Before I didn’t understand why people asked so much for this feature in other programs but over time I’ve realized that the first thing I do when I open a program is to switch to dark mode.

Maybe it is that the view is used to receive less light or having the rest of the software in dark mode there is even more difference. It is also true that we spend many hours looking at screens and although I love clear subjects but when the day is over it shows in the eyes.

I know you have a lot of tasks to do in anytype and I don’t mean to ask for priority, I just wanted to comment that for some users it is an important option.


Duplicate of [118](Options for an amoled dark theme (when dark theme rolls out)).

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@javiavid thank you for your feedback!

I just made my first page in Anytype and I have to tell you, it’s like staring into an artificial sun. Imagine if you will a 32" 4k monitor that is ALL white background. HORRIBLE.

I see mention of a dark mode but I have no idea how to enable it.

I’m on Windows if that makes a difference.

Quite simply, with me having light-sensitive eyes, I cannot use this app for an extended period of time due to pain. For me it’s not just an aesthetics issue, its a disability / accessibility issue.

If Dark mode has not been enabled, do we have a time frame as to when this is going to be part of the app?

@Mukanzi What is the image you are showing above? If that is anytype it looks way different on your screen than it does mine. I am using Windows if that makes a difference

@LukeR01 I think its in the next release. (See: [The most recent release plan here](Quick reference for Anytype usage, FAQ, and dev status))