Option to open sets and objects in full page and not in windowed format

Right now we can only open object in full page when we visit a link to an object from an object only, not even through a set, for example if i click a block in a set, it opens the object in a windowed format instead of opening it in a full page. Also when we open sets or objects through a link in a set like having it in the relations with the object type column, it is opened in a windowed format again, so would love to have an option which can be toggled between opened objects or sets in full page or window page in settings!


@Ishaan could you check whether this button has the function you are looking for?


Steps to get there:

  1. Open a Set
  2. Click on any Object within the Set to open it is its own “window” (still within the Anytype application window)
  3. Use the button with the arrows to open the Object “as an Object”

You can then use the “back” button ("<") to navigate back to the Set, but there is no way to transition back to the windowed view of that Object.


Exactly what my feature request is for…I want an option to open object from sets in full page as default and not by again pressing the arrow button, an option would be great which we could toggle on or off!

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Thanks for confirming! Sounds to me like a good candidate for a setting under Settings > Personalization underneath the “Default object type” setting. Something like “Open objects in full screen” or “Open objects in window”

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