Option to import markdown files into app

There are no option to import markdown files.

This is a problem because i was using notion, but now i want to use any type to do my work. BUT all my past works are on notion. I want all that into any type.

Notion has option to export my pages into markdown but anytype doesn’t have any feature to import.

I tried copy and pasting raw markdown but it didn’t supported well.


Importing is not yet supported on mobile versions of Anytype, but you can import them on desktop and your objects will sync to your mobile device.

This works for all markdown files, not just Notion.

You can also navigate to this option via Settings in the top right.

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does this only work for importing from Notion? or can this work for other note programs that export Markdown & CSV?

If not, please upgrade because I will not be able to migrate just yet all of my other notes!!

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