Option to force a device off the sync chain

In case of the device being stolen/ damaged / other misfortunes, there should be a way to log out of that device and delete it from the sync chain. I understand this can be tricky with a decentralized application (I believe Brave browser devs are still working on this issue, of kicking a device off the sync chain)

Notion (Yes I know that it is a centralized application) does this with a log out of all devices, except the current one, and so does Spotify.

Describe the solution you’d like

(if this is possible) Send a logout signal/request/command to all other peers, or to a single peer by it’s ID

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I would also be fine with a log out of all devices. If that ends up being the implementation, there should be a warning to save the keychain (or make sure that it is saved) before completing the action to at least attempt to prevent user error.

I think verification of the action by copying some text (I would say the keychain, but that seems too long) would work really well to prevent this accidental complete lock out. And I think GitHub does this with deleting/archiving/transferring ownership of repositories, so its not without precedence.


[this is how brave is forcing a device of the sync chain](Implement ability to remove other devices in chain for sync v2 · Issue #11232 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub)

Further as this is a highly versatile app, and users may enter sensitive and private information, the device being forced off the sync chain should also be able to delete it’s contents.

Thank you for the request and Github link as an example!

We will plan some auth and security improvements this year and definitely can add this one to the plan