Option to create inline templates that aren't objects


Define a specific feature that is missing or could be improved:
In notion, you can create a “template” button and set the content of the template, which can be as simple as just text, and when you click that button, it produces the content just below the button (if that’s where you set it to go).

It would be nice to have something similar in function, so that templates aren’t just for objects.


ᅟDetail the solution you would like to get what you need:

This is the example from notion (might not be too clear what it’s showing, but in the settings box is what I said I want the template to be, and below it, it shows the content that’s been pasted into the page after I clicked it).

Whether a similar button, or maybe an in-line templates menu that collects all the templates you generate and you could select from one?

#### REAL WORLD USE CASES *Describe specifically how this feature would be used, and why it should be implemented:*

I wanted to try having an inline “daily note” which I could cut and paste into a note object at the end of the day to keep my main page clean.
Then the next day, I could click on my template and have a new “inline daily note” ready to go, which I can again, cut and paste into a note object later.


ᅟPlease explain any workaround or feature you may have considered:
I think right now, I would probably have to keep a separate page that contains all the things I want to use as a “template” or “blank” and copy paste from there onto the actual page I want, which is cumbersome.


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