Opening a relation in the store should list all the pages it is used in

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Nope a problem but a new feature/functionality for relations.

Describe the solution you’d like

When you go to store, then click relations you get the list of all the relations in your Anytype. When you click any one of those relations it opens that relation page. Though at this moment it is completely blank.

It would be awesome if you see a list of all the pages that use this relation, perhaps even with the value used behind it or additional info. The pages can be opened from this list/relation page.

Optional addition:

Add filter/sorting options to this list (or table) for easier finding when the list gets longer. For example sort on recently edit or date created.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

None atm.

Additional context

This is a fast and simple mockup


Do you still have this issue? This is clearly a bug because it doesn’t work like that on my side.

  1. What version of Anytype are you using?
  2. On which OS does this bug occur?

If you are using the latest Desktop version [0.24.0] then I invite you to create a new topic, but this time for the [Bug reports] category.

Once you have done that, could you please report your old topic and ask to delete it ?


This was not how it was when this feature request was raised. The page used to be blank previously AFAIK. There is also the second part of the request asking for the list to be sortable and filterable which would be usable when the list spans several pages.

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That’s what I thought but I had to ask @Jeroen to be sure as it could be a new kind of bug.

You right, but as you know, this kind of additional idea requires in reality to create a completely different subject. I’m willing to do so with a mockup later unless you want to do it first?

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True, Having separate requests for each will make it easier for the team. Please feel free to create a request with a mockup. What I had in mind was to have a similar view as that of a set. Would love to see your mockup :grinning:

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Indeed, when I made this feature request it was a blank page when viewing a relation. When I check now it is filled with objects used by the relation! So this feature is now in Anytype, thanks.

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