"Open set" & "create set" - Button Issues

Describe the bug
Mistakenly, I thought there was a limit for sets because the option “create set” from the “type” view is changing to “open set” after creating the 49 set.

Also when using the option “open set” via an opened set, I can’t decide which set I wanna open. If I click on it, some same random set is opening what don’t seem to be right.
I am not sure what exactly the difference should be between using the “open set” button via an opened set or object.

To Reproduce

  1. Open any object
  2. Go on top of the page and click on object type
  3. Now click on “open type”
  4. When clicking on “type” now the option “create set” appears
  5. Does the option “create set” still appears after creating the 49. set?
  1. Open a set
  2. Go on top of the set and click on object type
  3. What happens when clicking on the option “open set” (Does also some same random set showing up?)

Expected behavior

  1. The option “create set” should always be available via “type” section
  2. When using the option “open set” via an open set - ( I am not sure what is supposed to happen) but it should open some random set I guess

I’m wondering whether there are any other limitations either by design, for example for performance reasons, or because of technical limits like file system limits or database limits. Maybe someone from the Anytype team could comment on that?

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There aren’t any inherent limits within Anytype, so object / set creation is unlimited. There’s also no minimum spec requirement for desktop, thus performance is limited only by the device (eg. using an old laptop w/ 4gb ram to view a resource intensive page such as graph view or scrolling sets of more than 5k). However the sidebar view will not display more than 20 sets, for obvious reasons.

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Hey @Angelo, I just created yesterday a “bug report” about the sidebar only showing 20 sets here.
What are these obvious reasons to not display all sets?

maybe that’s just how I see it, one reason being not to bog down the side bar with sets. But we could implement an infinity scroll, I’ll discuss it with the devs

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This shouldn’t be a problem since sets are last in the sidebar. If you have a ton of sets, most of them would just be hidden until you scroll down.