Open / restore deleted objects trough link blocks directly


Currently there is no way to just open a deleted object trough a link directly. Instead you need to open the bin every time and manually search for the object to restore it.


The only alternative is to do it manually every time.


To restore this bookmark object, you need to manually search for it in the bin.

Isn’t it normal (I mean in other applications and operating systems) that items that have been deleted must be restored before they can be used? The bin is for items you want to throw away; fortunately, there’s a chance to change your mind before it’s gone forever, but the bin’s not intended as a general storage location.

If you frequently find yourself needing to reuse items in the bin, maybe there’s a better workflow, something like a Collection of items with a Tag “unwanted” or similar.

Or maybe there’s a need for something like an Archive - a place for stuff you don’t need and don’t want to clutter your space, but you don’t want to throw away.

I don’t think changing the fundamentals of the bin is the right way to go.

But (a) I might have been misunderstood and (b) that’s just my opinion.

  1. The app already works differently than other apps since the links to the deleted objects are not removed and are left there because you might eventually want to restore the object. I’m just asking for a more convenient way to restore objects if you come across them in a canvas somewhere. If I, for some reason, delete a bunch of bookmarks, and then later come across a page filled with those bookmarks, I will need to restore them from the bin one by one. Not only one by one, but also going into the bin and searching for them manually every time.
  2. I would actually prefer if there was an archive of some sorts, because I don’t really want to delete my bin stuff ever.

Something like right-click “restore”? Maybe with a some kind of indicator that the item is in the bin?

I’d be happier with something like that because it would maintain the special status of the Bin (which, as you’ll have gathered, I think is important).

IIRC, the Bin used to be called Archive way back in the earlier days of the alpha - have I remembered that right?

I think that’s the way most apps and OSes work - the item isn’t moved, it’s simply marked. The way it works depends on how the app interprets and acts on the mark.

There is already an indicator for a deleted link, and yes, something like that is basically what I’m asking for.

I like this idea…
It just bothers me too much to dig into the large bin hole to find the exact thing to restore.
Especially, when currently you can’t rename media… almost half of my image are named as “image.png”… I can’t tell what they are, to effectively search and restore proper desired one😅

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Oh god, don’t remind me about that… I had 1k images and probably half of them were named image.png. :sob:


Additionally, it would be nice if the original Object name would be kept at all times. Sometimes I just have the “Deleted Object” badge and I’ve no idea what used to be there…


In 0.34.0, the users will be able to access deleted objects directly trough links in the canvas. If they choose to, they can open the link and recover the object directly from there. This is good enough for me to mark this FR as implemented.



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