Open Local windows folders

Is it possible to open a local folder in windows os through anytype?

Imagine clicking a link and having a specific folder open on your desktop


You can :slight_smile:

Apply a link with format like file://D:/
Or file://D:/Mypath/Myfile.txt for a file
(Type your text, select, Click the link icon, type the path and choose “Link to website”)



This is amazing, thank you so much
Do you know there is a way to directly copy a file path or folder path with that format (instead of composing the link by hand)?

On which OS are you? On Windows and Linux, you can just copy the link to the folder from the file explorer, but you will still need to add the front part (file://) manually each time iirc.

i am on windows. Linux gives me the full path, including (file://) but i am struggling to get that working in windows without typing it manually

A quick google search tells me that it’s only possible to copy the path itself without the file:// prefix on Windows.

How does it work on Mac?

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No idea (never owned any Apple stuff), but it should probably work similarly?

Couldn’t find out yet…

MacOS has something, x-call-url. If the app supports it, you can link every item / block in that app directly.

For example: x-devonthink-item://3D0F6B89-CAEB-46AA-8FEB-701E42BFB07E opens a PDF in my database.
it works with MD Links as I just figured out Test

if u do it with a folder, it will try to open a browser Test2