Online only files


I want the ability to make some Files in AnyType server only. so that I don’t have an offline copy of them on my laptop or mobile(Or any other client).


I think the most non-intrusive way will be to add a new boolean relation (a one like object type and creation date that are added automatically) named Offline with the default value of it being True.
When I change the value to false. the file will be saved only on the any-sync-file-server and streamed/downloaded every time I want to view it.


I have a nextcloud instance that I want to replace with AnyType.

  • All my notes can be replaced easily.
  • Calendars will also be added to AnyType.

But I have 20+ GB of videos (mostly recorded lectures) that I don’t want to have on my Laptop nor My phone.

I think having them on my home server is enough. and streaming them whenever I am in my home is the most convenient way.

Quick Note:

I know that with the current vision of AnyType being local first and using that world a lot in the marketing, my FR doesn’t make sense.
But for the future of AnyType (especially when people start self-hosting and find that there is a separate component called file-server) I think this feature will fit in perfectly.

Great suggestion! Much alike Onedrive’s “files on demand” feature.


This would be great especially for when we get into Multiplayer mode and I don’t want to have to explain to my team that I’mma take up 4 gb of their phones storage to run our app when we can self-host our app on our own node. That way my team members only need to stream the data they look at for day to day operations.

I’m totally going to build my app and business ON Anytype. Ticketing and marketing system for local concerts that we book and host. :zap:


I have wondered the same thing!

I found this “LucidLink” as a possible idea for the solution.