One tap to Undo

Currently undoing on mobile requires 3 taps (the first of which, on the hard to reach top right menu). Might be just me, but I feel Undo should be more directly accessible.

Maybe add it to this menu?

It could be just 1 small button, for Undo. Tapping this would undo, and also trigger the tray with both Undo and Redo.

Again, not sure about this one. Maybe this isn’t something most users want/need.


I think you are spot on! One-tap undo is a “must have” for easy editing on a mobile (where I’m making typos and mistakes all the time). I really like the way OneNote setup their quick edit bar on mobile.

I would even suggest to move the 3-dots icon to this bottom menu bar to make it easier to reach, but I don’t want to hijack your topic (and it might already be suggested, lemme check!)

Edit: there we go! Move ellipsis menu on mobile to the bottom bar


+1 for this.

I don’t want to go and steal ideas from other products but a certain purple second brain app has done a great job with it’s mobile toolbar too (it’s even fully customizable and it stays on top of the keyboard):

Maybe this is for a more general topic about the mobile toolbar? (I didn’t find any topic about this with a quick search)

Hello everyone :nerd_face: Thanks for ideas, for now we are collecting analytics on current toolbar usage and will update it when we will have data + vision on how to execute it in the best way possible. For now there are too many ways to do this, different products use it sidebar differently.
Also how do you like the possibility to undo using tap with two fingers? Could be possibly more convenient, many visual editor apps use it.

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Great, thanks!

I think I would feel more comfortable with a dedicated Undo button, but that’s just my expectation based on the number of mistypes on my phone: I might by accident make a typo and/or by accident type with two fingers at the same time (thus do a Undo action unintentionally)

Understandable… It’s definitely not an easy task. But I really like most of the choices you guys made.

Possibly, as long as it’s optional (and disabled by default). I see the potential, but would also be worried about accidental Undos.

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