Onboarding for the new database features of Anytype

:wave: Hi friends,

Onboarding sessions for the new database features are open. Two sessions each Tuesday for the month of August. They’re specifically for current users, so the Anyteam can answer all your questions.

:link: Tuesdays: https://calendly.com/anytype/sets-onboarding?month=2021-08

You’re also welcome to join the new-user onboarding calls on Thursdays instead, as they’ll be onboarded straight into the next version.

:link: Thursdays: https://calendly.com/anytype/alpha-onboarding

:exclamation:If neither of those days/times work, please send me a PM. We’re happy to run a Saturday slumberparty omnibus onboarding or something else to get you upgraded soon!

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Just a quick comment, this should be listed under “News & Announcements” not General Discussion. I’ve been periodically checking for this info for the past several weeks and just noticed that I was posted somewhere I was not checking.

The forum has gotten really busy so it’s been harder to keep up with all the posts that have been coming through.

Looking forward to next weeks onboarding! Thanks for all you guys do!

I understand this was recorded. Where can we review the recording. @endac

Quick question. With the latest update (10 august) there is a mention about new Types, that are rolled out to a smaller group and if you want to try Types before they are released for everyone: click here for more info and it links to this topic.

Maybe I am missing something but how do I get to try Types (and databases and the other new relations and sets)?

Edit: Or are these onboardings for the new Types? I thought they where for new members? Sorry if it is something obvious I missed …

@Jeroen There is additional onboarding for the sets, relations etc, that you have to schedule for.

@Jeroen Tuesdays are for existing users, Thursdays are for new users. So you want to click the Tuesday link:


@Narvey @Jeroen Either link is fine, whichever time is best for you.