Ok, but how about accessing this from a device without the app installed?

So I have the app installed and an account created on my cell phone but I am often at work on one of several computers where I can’t install the app. I would be VERY interested in giving this a hard investment with the bulk of my data IF I had a way to access whatever I have allowed to sync to the network via a browser.

I get and applaud the idea of local storage is the first consideration which gives the owner of the data full control, and allowing the owner of the data to sync to other locations, but I would really need to be able to access the data sync’d to a server even if it is my own server or FTP or cloud storage via a browser for me to be able to leverage this like I leverage Notion.

Additionally, this would also allow me to use it on a Chromebook which currently does not have a compatible app. I have a full-time job where I would benefit from having browser access, and my primary personal devices are chromebooks which do not currently have an app or extension, but I also have a side gig as a Technology Teacher for HS students where I would be willing to teach this as an environment if it worked well for me but all my students use chromebooks too.

I really want to give this a very hard trial but only having it on my phone is kinda pointless? Do you have plans to expand to chromebooks and or to a browser interface?


There’s a feature request for it already and an explanation at the bottom.