Offline generated phrase may match an online created one?

Hi everyone,

Recently there was a post running around the idea of if the app is truly offline/local first or not.

And I guess it is as one can simply turn off the internet connection while creating a new space and a one will be created with its phrase generated normally.

My question is, is it possible for the offline generated phrase to match a previously online created one? Even if it has a way too little chance of happening?

It’s incredibly improbable that an offline-generated recovery phrase (aka cryptographic key) would ever be identical to one that was previously generated online.

Recovery phrases are crafted by your device from random data, and the chances of two independently created phrases having the exact same sequence of words in the same order are virtually zero.

These phrases are designed to be one-of-a-kind and secure, and because the standards and methods for offline recovery phrase generation are the same as anywhere online, it will be distinct from any other phrase, irrespective of who’s device, be it online or offline.


We are using the BIP-39 standard with 12 words and dictionary of 2048 words. The same standard is using for bitcoin wallet generation (which is also offline most cases)

In case of fair random source(we depend on the device’s random generator), the probability for creating the same phrase(private key) is (1/2048)^12 which is around 1 of 5444517870735015415413993718908291383296. These probabilities are astronomically small. To give some context, the odds of winning a typical lottery are much higher (often around 1 in 100 million or so), and even those odds are considered extremely low.


Thank you both for clarification, I just get that idea messing around in my head, imagine how would you feel if your generated phrase key is that 1 out of 5444517870735015415413993718908291383296 :joy:

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