Occasional reminders to keep recovery phrase safe

1. off-topic general feeling about the app
Firstly, I’m loving the app. Even if it had not been this beautiful and potentially too good to be true, the mere vision as stated in the manifesto and the synergetic community would’ve had me thrilled.

2. the feature request
Given how crucial the recovery phrase is, I think many of us might be helped by an occasional reminder about keeping it safe and sound.

I would even say that there should be no option to turn such a reminder off, other than to have it set to repeat for as less as twice a year.
Maybe reminder dates as well as frequency could be randomized to a degree to feel more “organic”, if you know what I mean.
An in-app notification and/or an email might be pretty sweet?

And, as I’m new, let me know if I’m making any mistakes with the post.
Have a great day/night ahead C: