Objects of type Page are orphaned

Describe the bug
Objects of type “Page” are orphans in the Graph View, even if they have links between them.

To Reproduce

  1. I had set “Page” as the default object type ever since it was possible to set it
  2. I have changed Note and Document typed objects to Page type.
  3. Went into graph view
  4. All objects which were previously linked are now orphans in the graph view, even if the content has not changed

Expected behavior
Pages with links pointing to them shouldn’t be orphans

System Information:

  • OS: Pop!_OS 21.1, Ubuntu 20.04
  • Anytype Version: 0.23.13-alpha
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All outgoing and incoming links to and from a Page typed object is getting displayed for me in the latest version of the anytype app (0.24.0). Do you still have Page typed objects as orphans in the graph view?

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No, it’s actually fixed.

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