Objects does not show up in the view we have created it in

Describe the bug
In desktop, when we click on the + button in the set to create an object, it gets created with all the filters applied in the view which is presently opened. For example if i have a view with filter to contain objects with only tags of “event” the particular object would be created in the opened view with all the filters and will thus show up in that view. Well in android, it doesnt happen this way. The object does get created with the particular object type but it wont contain all the filters of the opened view and thus will not show up in that view

To Reproduce
Just click on the + button in one of the sets with a view having a particular filter and the object wont show up in that view as it hasnt been created with all that filters and is created as a brand new object with 0 edit

Expected behavior
It should work in android the same way it works in desktop

System Information:

  • OS:Android 12L
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: OnePlus 7t
  • Anytype Version: 0.8.2

This is definitely something that should happen. As this is ready working on the desktop version, I expect this is just not yet implemented. @mordan is this on the list/in the tracker?

@sambouwer yes, bug is added to tracker