Objects Disappearing & Reappearing/Tags Not Appearing in Grid View


The tag I added to an object keeps disappearing in Grid view and appearing and the record keeps disappearing upon modification altogether. (I have to switch between views to make it reapper in the view for the Tag.

What’s odd is that AnyType seems to know the tag is there even though it’s not appearing in the Grid because the object appears in my set with a filter for the tag applied.


Outline the steps needed to reproduce the behavior in sequence:

  • Create a set with a tag relation
  • Apply the tag
  • Make updates to the table.
  • Tags, and sometimes the whole object in itself, will begin appearing and disappearing as you modify objects in the grid.


For all tags to show up correctly in the grid.


My PC is running Windows 11

  • Device:
    Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop
  • OS:
    Windows 11
  • Anytype Version:

OK, playing around more with this bug. It seems like the issue occurs when I add an Area object to the task.

Before adding Area:

After adding area, you’ll see that the “Amazon Credit” task totally disappeared:

This even though my filter is not configured in any way that would make the task disappear under those circumstances:


When I switch to another view and then back to this view, the task rappers, but without a tag in the tag relation (even though the filter is set to only show objects tagged bill):

But there is absolutely a tag in that relation. The task appearing in the filtered view at all proves it, but also, when I open the object view, it’s there:

Super weird behavior but not sure why it’s happening.

One more update: The issue also occurs when I update the due date.

  1. Update a relation
  2. The object that relation is attached to disappears from view
  3. I switch to a dif view and go back to the Bills view, where the object has reappeared, but with the tag not showing in the grid view.

Perhaps the disappearing aspect has something to do with the last modified relation in some way (though, again, nothing in the filters would dictate this…)

I’m stumped!

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I’ve been experiencing these type of things to, they are not rare.

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