Objects - Connections - Timeline and Search

I have three feature requests:

  1. Integral time line
  2. Ability to create and save queries
  3. Similarity table (A table showing which objects are similar to one selected in a list of objects)

Here is the context of my requests

I linked this article on the fall of Roam in the Telegram group, because the author describes his challenge of no longer being able to find things and bi-directional linking is not all that helpful once you have a lot of objects and links. He also worries about where to put things which is a biological tendency built-into human beings to create order and predictability.

I particularly liked one comment in this article from Emmanuel Lefort who argues that the brain organizes around three axis: Information, how info is connected to other information and time. He then goes on to how the brain is different from a digital system because entities are unique, connections are weighted and concepts, not words. And not a single note app is addressing all three axis. Here is where I see a major opportunity for the developers of Anytype.

I would add to this that the way human beings function is through associations which helps to surface relevant insights at the right moment. This can be simulated through search and in-text pattern analysis in terms of - what you are writing now has similarities to… Such functionality can be found, for example, in DevonThink Pro.

Anytype allows us to create dashboards that are very useful to keep an overview, but the more objects we add, this too can become inadequate.

My feature requests involve the following:

  1. Have an integral timeline associated with whatever object I work on, add, delete that I can always access. An example is mem.ia including their web clipper which they call spotlight. Of course, the drawback of Mem is that it is all in the cloud and Anytype is wonderfully local!

  2. In addition I would like to be able to save queries.

If I can tag objects with certain keywords, I would like to be able to create a query with certain keywords in such a way that the results of the query will assemble on a particular page/object - this could be a query object with a name. Any new objects that I would add, would automatically appear on that query page if the keywords are part of the object that is newly created. On that page sorting would be possible, e.g. by date, and further deeper searches only limited to the query results should also be possible. The query could be seen as an agent that is always working in the background as soon as it detects a relevant keyword. A similar functionality can be found in the MacOS app Tinderbox.

  1. Finally, I would love to be able to not just have a map of links, but also a table where if I select an object it would show me in descending order which objects are similar. An example is pasted below - see the right sidebar,