Objects Appearance Bug on Android

Describe the bug
Some objects created on Windows, I gave these appearance settings:

But the cover pictures I uploaded won’t show up on android

Also, a normal icon won’t show up
photo_2022-03-13_14-56-15 (2)

To Reproduce

  1. Create an object on Windows and upload a cover picture
  2. Set the object appearance like in the first picture
  3. See if it is syncing correctly on android, including the cover picture

Expected behavior
Cover pictures and icons should sync and also appear in the cards view.

System Information:

  • Android 11 Samsung S20 FE Anytype Version 0.6.0
  • Windows 11 Anytype Version 0.24.0

Additional context
The object including the card-view-objects with no cover pictures showing up had reached the status synced before all objects were full synced on that page. This bug is also mentioned here. Maybe there is some relation between these two things.

The icon sync seems to be a sync bug. If you open the page, was the icon visible?

The android app does not support covers for block appearence. Mobile display is already limited in size and having covers will take extra vertical space. It could be available as an option though, so maybe a feature request for that can be raised, but it certainly is not a bug as of now AFAIK

The icon isn’t visible when I open the page, as you can see on the third picture.
And that the android app doesn’t support covers for block appearance hurts a lot, definitely will make a feature request thanks for letting me know!

@XxxBalCion hey, is it still reproduced on latest version?

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As far as I see it right now, the cover picture doesn’t show up on android. The last time they showed up, I remember they had a weird format. Not fitting the whole “preview”

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