Object without "move to bin"

Describe the bug
I have an object I can’t delete because the option “move to bin” is missing

To Reproduce
I can’t reproduce it and don’t know what I might have done wrong

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 11
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: HP OMEN
  • Anytype Version: 0.22.3

Additional context
the object was made with a template. The template creates an automatic tag which is also missing as you can see in the screenshot.

This is another object made with the same template. It can be deleted and also has the automativ tag:


seems to be related to:
Cannot delete a page - Bug Reports - Anytype Community

@maltekiesel Hi! Thank you for your notice, definitely related. Did you create the object from a template or from creating button in the obj type page? And, do you have the ability to delete the object from tabs in the dashboard or object menu hasn’t this option too?

on the dashboard I have the option to move it to bin, but clicking on it doesn’t do anything. In the object menu the option to move to bin is missing completely.
I can’t exactly remember what I did when creating this object. I wasn’t on a bug hunt, just playing around with a new template, so I made no notes about it. All other objects created with this template in different ways are working as expected. The only difference with this one: it was the first I ever created with this template.
Maybe the version history helps?

@maltekiesel HI! Please, make tree diagnostic and sent me a file that you will get
Снимок экрана 2022-01-18 в 16.20.48

@maltekiesel Did you send the diagnostics information?

yes, on Jan 19th to Kirill_Lem

Thank you. So the bug is still present in version 0.25.0?

yes, I still can`t delete that file

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This issue has been added to our issue tracker and was received by the Development Team.

Should not reproduce anymore

How does it look in 0.30.0?

it works, no more problems

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