Object Selection Is Not Visually Indicated for 'Link To Object'

Describe the bug

When creating a link to an object in a draft and using the filter to find the desired object, the first result in the list is automatically selected when I press enter, but there is no visual indication of this selection.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open Page in Linux
  2. Type ‘/link’
  3. Choose “Link to object”
  4. Type something in filter (optional)
  5. See that Nothing is highlighted

Expected Behavior:
The background of the first result should match the light grey shade that AnyType uses when an item is hovered over.

Additional Context:
To clarify, pressing Enter does not visually select the first result. My intention is for the first result to be automatically chosen without the need to press Enter. So, although the first result is indeed utilized upon pressing Enter, the issue is that there is no visual indication confirming its selection.


  • OS: Linux
  • Version: 0.36.0

@Flip I’ve written this new bug report for you detailing your issue, updating it with your comments.

I’ve changed the ownership over to you so feel free to add additional info, or edit any details, if I didn’t get it right.

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

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This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.

This issue has been fixed with 0.38.0.