Object creation and type change, wrong title

I have an object relation.
I create there in the relation an object named “Blue tree”.
Until now, everything fine

Reproduce Problem
Click on “Blue tree”
Now, I can choose which type I want.

I choose a type that is NOT note, for example “human”.

Now, the title I gave earlier now is in the text.
The title should be in the title.

technical idea
to not make everything a title in the future, maybe you could add a flag per object “changed manually”.

  • default (after object creation with title =) FALSE
  • after writing anything inside the content canvas → TRUE

as long as it is FALSE, allow the content to become the title

@wemiprog Hi!

  1. What is your default page type?
  2. What is your object type default layout?
  3. What is your app version?

Version: 0.21.9

Default object type: note
Default layout: official note template

@wemiprog I understood your problem. That’s because note type hasn’t got the title block and when you change objects layout we don’t know if you want to put text from the first block to the title and it stays the text block.

I already thought of this problem, that’s why I have written this and following:

Would this be possible

@wemiprog Thank you thoughts, we will take them into account