Numpad not working

Hey, I have a very specific problem, but dont know how to troubleshoot to find out, what component is the problem to fix it.

I have two PCs. One wireless logitech keyboard and wired mouse. A KVM Switch is connected to both PCs and the peripherals.
I’m connected to PC A. All working fine. Now switching with KVM to PC B. The numpad there is off by default. If I turn it on there and switch back to PC A, then very strangely the numpad isnt working anymore in Anytype, while in all others it is.
But pressing the key to change the numpad state has no effect in Anytype.
Only switching back to PC B and turn the numpad off, then it runs again on PC A.

Any ideas how to find out which component might be the problem here?

Oh, that’s very tough to replay cause we have no such setup nearby!
We will take a look under the hood of keyboard work, but most of such stuff is managed by Electron by default.

Hey, thanks for the reply.
Its highly possible, that this isnt Anytype’s “fault”.
So i just hope someone who has an idea how to troubleshoot such a thing on linux comes by.

Would be very thankful if you take a quick look about the keyboard handling. But dont waste to much time on that.
This time should better go into the development.

Just checked this on windows. Couldnt reproduce it there.
So maybe an issue in how Linux handles keyboards.
@Vova So dont waste time on this.

If some Linux pro comes along and has an idea. Im open to it.

I noticed that the “Numpad not working” problem only occurs on electron apps. Just had it again and the numpad also doesnt work in Visual Studio Code and Discord. While working fine in other applications.

So that seems to be related to electron and therefore also Anytype.

If someone has an idea how to troubleshoot that …