Not scrolling all the way down when navigating with arrows in "/" field

Describe the bug

When using the arrow key to navigate to the bottom of a command palette (opened by typing “/”) the UI does not scroll all the way down.

To Reproduce

  1. Open Anytype
  2. Create a new note
  3. Type “/” to open the command palette
  4. Use the “arrow up” key once to navigate all the way to the bottom of the list
  5. Now the last option of the list is not completely visible

Instead of scrolling manually:

Expected behavior
I expect the UI to scroll all the way down just like you would do when scrolling manually.

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 11
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Dell XPS 15
  • Anytype Version: Desktop v0.23.5

Additional context
Only a minor visual issue.

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Still happening on Anytype for Windows 0.25.0.

Not reproducible anymore on Windows 11 @ v0.38.3 alpha