Non Fullscreen Objects - Wider Previews?

Hi all,
I’m fairly new to anyType and am enjoying my time with it.
I wanted to ask, is there a way to have set the window to be a wider % when you open an object that is not fullscreen.

For example, is it possible to make this an extra 25% larger?

I assumed this may of been set in the dark theme CSS file “…\dist\css\theme\dark\prism.css” but I can’t see anything obvious that would dictate this.
Anyone aware of where this is set?

Thanks all :slight_smile:


does this solve it for you?

( that menu appears when hovering mouse in the area above title, in the cover area, and choosing “Layout” )

The question is about the size of the modal window itself (which can’t be changed through the app). Even if you change the layout width, the size of the window stays the same.

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Unfortunately not. This changes the width pages takes up in the window. I am looking to make the window larger.

The size of this modal window is presumably set somewhere. I’ll take a guess and assume it’s a % of the resolution, so it can scale accordingly too every screen size.

I would assume this must be set & so is changeable somewhere

Sorry, completely misunderstood the question!