Non empty tag-relation shown as empty in a set

Describe the bug

I have a set of objects which have a “tag”-relation populated. But this tag-relation is shown as empty in the set-view.

To Reproduce

I don’t have a way to consistently reproduce this yet. All I can say for now is that I played around with creating my own type with relations. There are duplicated relations in a few objects of this type which I can’t seem to delete because they seem to be synced back in to the objects after trying to delete them.

Expected behavior

When the “tag”-relation is populated in an object, it should also be displayed in the set-view.


This doesn’t seem to be device or platform-specific because this happens on all my machines.


  • Linux Gentoo with Anytype 0.18.57
  • Android 10, OxygenOS, OnePlus 6T with Anytype 0.2.3
  • Linux Manjaro with Anytype 0.18.57
  • Windows 10 with Anytype 0.18.57

Additional context

“Laufzeit/Dauer” is the tag-relation with the issue. This happens with all the objects in this set.


Forgot to put this into the Bugs Category.


We will put it under investigation, thanks!

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I played around with this set some more and now the tags from the tag-relation “Status” and “Priorität” in this set are also shown als empty. :laughing:

But when I edit the object-relation “benötigte Ziele” and click on the “Add” Button to add objects to this relation; as soon as I click on the to-be-added object, the tags of the “Status” relation are shown for a short time and then disappear again. Same happens if I click on the “X” to remove an object from this relation.

Logic has been updated in the latest release (0.18.59), please check this issue one more time

This fixed it for me

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