No update notification for Anytype installed via deb package


  • I am using the Debian packages on Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS
  • with the upgrade from 0.32.x to 0.33.x I did not got a notification for any x release


  • have 0.33.2
  • click “check for updates” nothing happens


  • I get a notification about a new version or the version is automatically installed
  • since I am using a deb package, at best it could update through apt automatically


  • Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS
  • Anytype Version:

Can you check on which release channel you are? You should be able to see this in the menu under Version. It should be either public or pre-release.

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I just checked on an older desktop where I still have version 0.32.3 installed. No matter if I am on the public or pre-release channel, I get no notification when clicking on check for updates.

Edit: just checked on my 0.32 installation and inside of the anytype menu only about, settings and quick give a new window. the rest just closes the menu (even the hide option).

Unfortunately only MacOS and Windows are fully supported, Linux auto-update only works with AppImage, so we should add package to package managers or wait for the community to contribute it.

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Thanks! I completely overlooked that we’re talking about Linux here :sweat_smile:

Ah, that is a pity. I just checked the Appimage instead and there it indeed works as expected.

I have also noticed that the source of the desktop app is at GitHub - anyproto/anytype-ts: Official Anytype client for MacOS, Linux, and Windows, so for the moment I will just monitor this repo for new releases and update on demand.

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Yes or you can build from source, but there is always a risk of unstable code getting into our main branches.

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