No navigation icons when fullscreen on mac

on mac os, if i put on full screen with the green button, i can’t see navigation button anymore so it’s not possible to click the home button

My version 0.17.2



Also experiencing this issue on Windows 10.

I can occasionally see them pop in and fade out but they aren’t reliably visible.

Is there a setting to keep them up? I find navigation overall is missing features.


The issue you are facing might be different than the one described here. On Windows 10, there are navigation icons right below the Anytype logo, you just need to hover over them. Otherwise they disappear, which is what you don’t want to see.

Though, there might be a different issue on macOS where the buttons never show up. We need a clarification from @Vincent.

@BGray i confirm that the buttons never show up, even when i hover them.

(and actually i would prefer that they are always displayed, i don’t see direct value to have them hidden when we are not on it)

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@Vincent Thank you, so we can infer that Liam’s issue needs to be addressed in a feature request.

Coming back to yours, I believe the ‘direct value’ is that you are able to focus on whatever you are working on as all you see is a blank page, without any distractions. Though, in your case, the buttons not showing up is definitely a bug.

Same thing happens to me.

When the application is on a normal window, the navigation buttons appear when I hover over them, but when it’s on full screen they completely go away. The only way I got them to reappear was to open the navigation menu through the shortcut (command+N), but they disappear after I close the menu. My version of anytype is also 0.17.2.

I think the intended behavior for these buttons is to stay hidden until you need to use them, which is how I’d like them to behave. However, I do see the value in having an option or switch of some kind for someone like @Vincent who wishes to have them permanently on display.

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In my case they do appear but only after I click on the top bar. I recorded the screen to show you.

But yeah, their functionality is always there (at least for me), like if you click blindly they’ll perform as they should, but they only appear if you click somewhere in the top bar. Maybe it could be better to have them reappear when you hover over them, as they do when it’s not on full screen

@Vincent Hi! I tried to reproduce your case but it’s working normally. Can you record a little video of your problem and write what OS in your mac? The navigation pane shows when you move the cursor in the navigation pane area, it’s correct behaviour.


@Vincent Hello! The reason is Big Sur! I added this to the bug tracker, thanks for your notice!

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Solved with latest version, thanks !