No more Free Evernote : do you hope to migrate to AT?


Evernote has drastically reduced its free offer :

In my case, I’m on a pay plan, but I hope to migrate before the renewal :wink:

But I have many acquaintances who are blocked, including in my company (in my company, Evernote was used by several people for a year…). It’s panic :sweat_smile:

For them, I’m going to present them with alternatives to Evernote so that they migrate. Anytype included, but for many it won’t work as it is (I could add their feedback after…).

And you, what’s your situation? What are you waiting for to migrate?

  • You’ve never used Evernote
  • You’ve migrated your notes to AT
  • You’ve migrated your notes elsewhere
  • You’re still using it while waiting to migrate
  • You use it and don’t want to migrate
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@ Anytype Teams
In my opinion, it’s really time for Anytype to win back Evernote users!
But the team is strongly user-oriented Notion.
Maybe make a point of what’s missing for those coming from Evernote? Especially as development-wise, apart from a few big chunks (OCR, PDF editing, very powerful search), it seems pretty straightforward to me.

@ Anytype Teams, if you can specify your intentions (or ETA if planning) concerning the blocking points, thank you.


Fo me, what I expect before migrating :

  • migration tools to import my note (OK, Im’ working on it :sweat_smile:)

  • that the import of notes with images and files is fully functional (the conversion tool is useless until this is corrected)
    Export : why Import need Internet access?

  • Widget “tag” with the list of unique elements in my tag relation : clicking on a tag displays all objects with that tag (in a pre-filtered view?)
    Unique tag view

  • The possibility (and the guarantee) of being able to synchronize all my space on another device (finding out that the note you want hasn’t been synchronized when you need it and you’re without a network… no thanks).

Less essential for migration, but still important

Very useful but I can wait until after I migrate

  • Better search (AND/OR, search in title/text/relation, …)

OCR and PDF/image edition are great but I don’t use them often enough

Thanks team :heart: