'No connection' in university

Sync function works at home but it won’t in university, both in my Android and Linux devices.
Is there another way to sync when the servers are blocked for some reason?
Note:P2P also won’t work.

I asked a similar question on the onboarding call yesterday (ie about proxies)

Are you connecting on a physical uni pc? or your own pc but using the uni wifi/network? If using uni wifi/network on your pc, can you switch to your own network (ie tethering) and does that work?

Zhanna mentioned there will be an ability to add proxy details, but I haven’t seen these yet in the settings, so might be a future enhancement

It’s my PC, I both tried ethernet and wifi, same result.
And yes it works when I switch to my own network.

What was your reason to ask a question about proxies, are you having a similar problem?

ethernet and wifi of your uni network would give you the same result, since it will be routing through their proxies. Only way to overcome would be to not use the university network and tether

I asked because if I wanted to use Anytype on my work networks, we have proxies in place which basically block everything. But you can bypass if IT give you permission with proxy details. Some applications allow you to store these settings within them so they handle the bypass for you. But until the feature is made available within the application (and tested) - you will need to leverage off tethering it seems. At least you are using your own pc, it would be different if it’s a uni/work pc.

Unless one of the devs can comment

There is a feature request for Proxy within the app:

thanks, I’ve liked it to hopefully get added as an enhancement.

Will close this in favor of the feature request for proxy settings.

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