No code was attached to the email

Hello, I just received the invitation to the alpha. Although, I’m unable to sign in, since there’s no code attached:

Thanks in regards

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The same problem for me, just received the email for the alpha program but no code was given.

Hope in a fix soon :rocket:

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Copy-paste from Discord (message by Oshyan):

I believe there was an internal migration to another system for sending invites and it appears there has been an issue with it. Everyone please hang on, it will be sorted out. But you can expect it to take some time. You will get an invite code, but it may now take more like 8-24hrs (just a total guess here). Sorry for the inconvenience!

There has been a problem with the invite codes in the emails. It is being worked on and will be resolved, most likely within 24hrs, possibly less. In the meantime no need to send emails to support, the issue is with an external service and nothing can be done until they restore it. Thanks for understanding!