No change allowed for "Created By", it always says Anytype

When a new page is created using a draft type that has been created by anytype, the creator or the name always says anytype. There is no option to change it.



This bug has been fixed.

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@div3xi I still seem to have the same problem. Templates created by Anytype (for all types ) show created by Anytype, and only if I create templates does it show created by me. Seems like the problem is solved for draft, but not for all types?

Attached: images of action plan type and task type, with default template (anytype) and my own template.

@abstractgeek I have re-opened the discussion

@div3xi I have added this to the bug tracker

@abstractgeek Thank you for your notice!

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Please check if this is still the case.
All objects i tested where created by myself, not Anytype.

Closing this because of no further responses.
Feel free to create a new topic when needed.

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