Nightly Ops Enrollment is currently closed -- Help Us Test our Alpha to Beta Account Migration!

Update: Enrollment is currently closed. We will open it again at a later time.

Enrollment for Nightly Ops

We want to make sure the transition to the new software goes as smoothly as possible for everyone, so we're seeking members of the Community to assist us with testing account migration from our Alpha (Legacy) software to what will become our Beta software.

The role of Nightly Types is crucial in detecting any potential bugs that may arise during the migration process and the new infrastructure. As a member of this group, you’ll have exclusive access to Anysync, Personal Spaces and other unreleased features.

Enrollment is open to anyone interested in joining the Nightly Ops program! If you’re a pro-active Alpha Tester who’s comfortable trying out the less stable Nightly Versions (not release ready) and are willing to find and report bugs, we’d be thrilled to have you.

To join Nightly Ops, click the request button here and provide the following info in the form:

  • Community Name:
  • Email:
  • AnyID:

Here’s how to find your AnyID :point_down: in the Top Menu Help>Anytype ID

Any ID

Learn more about Nightly Ops and all the info for getting started :ninja::last_quarter_moon:

Thank you for considering becoming a part of this program. We appreciate your help in making our software better for the entire Community!


Is it closed now ?

Same question for me :slight_smile:

Same question :slight_smile:

Since the page has been marked closed or private, I think we can assume it’s closed. The beta release is (we hope) only a few days away

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