New website update: error in the date for Q4?

Hi everyone.
Looking at the website, that seems to be updated recently (o maybe I missed something last time I visited it), I’ve seen that there is a sort of roadmap with the features and the supposed delivery quarter.

There is 3Q 2023 and then… the next is… 4Q 2024.
Is it right? or, as I suspect (maybe hope?), is it a mistake?

(Opened the topic in this section since I’m not sure it is a bug…)

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I’m guessing (or at least hoping) that this was mistyped, which would be logical since it’s quarter 4 of 2024 (I’m guessing that it was a mistake because this doesn’t fit with the roadmap).

That is exactly what I think.
Wanting to report this, but not being a “proper” bug, I thought this section could be a good place.

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Well if you look at the roadmap (Anytype Feature Roadmap 🪩 · GitHub) you can see that all of those type of features are scheduled for Q4 of 2023.

@Charlotte this might be for you

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Hey @FLando thanks for your post and attention to this detail. The date on the website is in fact not a typo :slightly_smiling_face:
Our plan is indeed that the MVPs for multi-space and multiplayer will be introduced either towards the end of this year or early next, so the Github roadmap is still current. However, these will really be first versions that will require much iteration before true use cases emerge.

That brings us to the website. Amongst the use cases we’re considering once multi-space and multi-player are more developed, we’re thinking:

  • A true community hub (one that can perhaps replace discourse)

  • Public graphs and blogs in the sense of being able to search for other publicly-facing users and/or content in the Anytype network

  • Collaborative projects which support workflows, integrations, etc.

These functionalities won’t be possible with the first versions we introduce in 2023Q4 / 2024Q1, which is why we’ve slated them for late next year. We put them there to give people an idea of what we’re building towards / what will eventually be possible with Anytype, since we’re only in beta. Hope that helps to clarify!