New to Anytype? Say hello!

Hey there I’m Michele. I’m incredibly good at appearing competent at just about anything, whilst I know pretty much nothing. Great to be here, appreciate all I’ve seen so far, cheers!


Hello everyone, I’m Vinicius Teixeira, from Brazil. I’m a neuroscientist researcher, programmer and a heavy Notion user. I am very excited to be part of this alpha and this community, thanks for the oportunity :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone, Tejas from India. I’m a software engineer (profession as well as hobby) and open source enthusiast. Excited to be part of Anytype community.

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Hey everyone! Connor here. Let’s test (and break… for science) this app and see what cool things we can do with it. I do IT, cloud dev, FOSS, hosting and a bunch of other stuff. I take the idea of burning the candle at both ends and make it worse.

Glad to be here!


Hola mundo. I’m Rodrigo from Mexico City. I use Notion as a regular basis and I do some stuff with c++ and velocity-verlet and I’m fan of open and decentralized Software

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Hi guy,

I’m new user of Anytype since few days. I’m french, user of free software and services. I’m looking for an alternative to Notion in opensource / without data retention / decentralized. I know and i use sometime IPFS. My main use is creation of (massive) documentation content mixing different type of content. “We build our tools… and our tools build us” : I think that Anytype have
the potential to change us in a good way.

Et voilà ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello everyone, Bidyut here from USA. Really excited to be part of this fantastic system and help it grow over time in any way I can. Big fan of note taking and PKM and looking forward to building a second brain with Anytype :smile:

I am a Ph.D. student and an active note-taking app user, Nice to meet you and Anytype


I work in healthcare and am about to enter a preceptorship program for a specialty this year. I was looking for an app where I could

  • type and connect concepts that I learned
  • take note of some mentors’ and patients’ information without getting worried about privacy issues,
  • be able to organize the information on my iPad when I’m at home studying, and
  • be able to quickly access these information in my Android phone even without internet access, since my job entails me being constantly on my feet

So far Anytype seems to be the best option for my needs. Thank you for inviting me to ba an Alpha user. Wishing the best for the Anytype team!

Hello my dear friends!glad to see you all

Hello everyone! I’m Pavel, a PhD student in robotics. Hope that Anytype will finally merge all my knowledge together! :smile:

Hi everyone,

My name is João Ferrão from Portugal.
Im trying to fins the best tool to develop a PKM as a mechanical engineer and photographer, and also manage my life and work tasks.
So far Anytype look amazing and the best of some apps i used. Time will tell.

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Hello, dear people!

My name is Bernard and I’m from Poland. I am an artist and social activist, but one leg into many other things like graphic design, writing about music, open-source technology… recently diagnosed with ADHD, so that could explain some of these. I am looking for some kind of distraction-free manager for my life activities - that’s why I’m here!

PS. I found Anytype more than year ago and couldn’t make it to any of onboardings till now - so, that’s classic me. Glad to be here!

Hi there,
I’m Ralf, now in Sweden, but grown up in Berlin (Hello team… Grüsse an die Heimat) . I’m driving a small christian publishing house here.
Just the main points in your presentation (own your data) together with this very nice and customizable interface made the point for me.
I just want to use Anytype as my second brain,because my first one becomes worse…
Looking forward for getting into it.