New to Anytype? Say hello!

I’m from switzerland. Communication Agency (freelancer). Like to use anytype for running companys.



My name is Lukas and I am thrilled to be part of this journey from a rather early stage.

Very happy to be here :slight_smile:



I’m Pandry, I’m an SRE freelancer from Italy and I use Anytype to document my personal notes, but so far I would love to also use it for work!

Congratulation guys! :mechanical_arm:


Hello everyone! I’m Ping from ShangHai China.

Hope AnyType gets better and better~

Bring everyone more and better products~


Hey there, I’m Dan.

I am a teacher and I’ve been trying to use Notion for my lessons planning workflow. However, I’m getting more and more annoyed by the slowness of Notions app and the online-only approach. I really hope that Anytype will evolve to be something that I can rely on as a day-to-day tool for work.


I’m Javier, I work in video post-production from Spain.

I love productivity software and computing in general.

I am surprised by the current state of the alpha version.

I think Anytype can become a great project and help a lot of people.

Congratulations for the initiative and for the great job you are doing!

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Hi, I’m Herve.

I am a sales and marketing consultant in the construction sector.

I presently use Notion but I am not a 100% happy with that software. In particular, I am not happy with the backup of my data in Notion.

That is the reason I was very much interested when I first heard of Anytype.

I think it will be a awsome productivity tool and I am very grateful to the people who initiated that project.


Hi all, happy to be onboard!

I am Luigi, a data engineer by day and just starting out streaming (gaming and open discussions) in my spare time. Been looking for a great tool to manage my day-to-day while offering me true control, security and privacy.

I am using Notion at the moment and, it does a good job, but is still not to the level of control I would love. Anytype certainly sounds like it will bridge that gap and I expect it to be my daily tool of choice for all things work and fun!

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Hi, I’m a soon-to-be graduate student hoping to explore self-hosted alternatives to notetaking apps like Notion and Roam - I’m excited to be trying out Anytype and helping yall squash bugs and get ready for a public release!

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Hi all,

i am a law student trying to utilize Apps with bidirectional links and databases to improve my studies. Currently using Notion after trying for a while. Looking forward for a self-hosted future in anytype without my concerns that i have with using notion and their questionable backup opportunities.



I’m Jonah, a systems and network engineer. In my spare time, I teach myself coding and many other things related to IT. Being a fan of open source, security and privacy, I really like the principles of Anytype and can’t wait to see how it develops in the future. Keep up the great work! :metal:

Hey there !

I’m Philéas, a video supervisor for a website talking about cinema.

I’ve been trying for a few years to get out of as much proprietary software as possible and to get involved in the open-source community.

Note-taking solutions have always been for me the tool that did not satisfy me in the open-source world. I was blown away when I saw AnyType and I’m looking forward to testing this great tool further !

So glad to be part of this !

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Hello everyone, thanks for giving the opportunity to test the promising product. Will be very interesting to dive into it and give feedback.

Really nice looking forum, congrats on that!

Hello everyone!

Thanks for the presentation and the invite. I’m very excited to test out Anytype! I loved the enthusiasm of the team and the clear commitment to values and ethos. Very inspiring!

My name is Raj and I run a small animation and production studio. I currently use Notion to manage the running of my studio and as a Client Dashboard and “Portalfolio”. I also use it for personal note taking for any books I read and online courses I take. I spend a lot of time building a personal knowledge-base within it and I am excited to see how Anytype will work out for my needs in the future.

Great to be on this forum and look forward to exploring the software more!

Hi, I’m Nox. I’m a college student and I love using productivity apps to increase my workflow in school and soon at work. I used to rely on Notion as a planner and organizer for academic and personal tasks, but I find their privacy features concerning so I switched to Anytype which is promising. I look forward to the official release of the refined version of this app!

Thank you for letting me join the community :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Michael and coming from germany :wave:

It is so cool to be a part of this community :sunglasses:

In the moment is notion my main app for organize my life and knowledge.

and some other app.

I love the idea of using open-source and using ipfs

And i can not wait for the day when i can anytype, for use as my main app :grin:

In the last day i have all my bugs/features/helps send over the desktop app,

and now i will using this forum.

Thank you


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Hi, I’m Martin from France!

I’m a software developer mainly using Joplin for now and I’m looking forward to test and switch to Anytype!

Thank you!

Hey there!

I’m Maxim from Germany, I do educational and journalistic media work and love me some note taking.

Glad to join the board.


I’m Gideon from Switzerland. I am interested in productivity and knowledge management apps and like the philosophy of open source and decentralized software. Its exciting what anytype is building. Great job guys!

Hi, I’m Leah, a copywriter, composer and indie game developer working on her first title from the UK. A former user of Notion to manage my projects, I love its interface but grew frustrated with its increasingly sluggish speed and lack of offline support. When I discovered Anytype, I felt like my prayers had been answered for an open-source(!), secure solution for all my notes and task management.

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