New to Anytype from Apple Notes, a similar but enhanced workflow?

Hello! I’m new to Anytype and looking for guidance.
My use case is that I frequently make use of apple notes as a freeform journal. I like the ease of use and writing whatever comes to my mind whether it be an idea or tasks. It’s something I use daily throughout the day. I end up making documents/journals that chronicle about a month, and I like accumulating this length of time, however I find that I have trouble bringing myself to re-read or where an idea should live to be further expanded upon, I wonder if anyone else experiences this hesitancy to look at old notes or processing what turns out to be lengthy documents.

I think my main concerns are being able to find ideas quickly and expand upon them, and ideally that would look like being able to pull individual thoughts as a separate idea to be expanded upon later, I think the app Drafts seems to go for that workflow but I would prefer to not go back and forth between apps and keep everything in one place. Maybe tagging an individual word or phrase, something like a song lyric, or a recipe, or description for an illustration could be tagged added to a relevant set to be later turned into a project page, since often I don’t know exactly where I want something I’m going to write down to go. This kind of workflow reminds me off adding different things to separate boards on Pinterest, but to my knowledge I’m not sure something like this is possible, but if there is something similar I would be more than happy to know.

I think I’ve spent a few days getting used to the language of the application and wrapping my head around it. Another analogy that describes my workflow would be when I do laundry I usually dump everything onto my bed and and sort into piles by garment, then I fold each pile and put them in there respective places. I have a physical capture system in the form of sticky notes so this would be a supplement for more technical and nitty gritty tasks.

Other things I wonder are if it’s possible to link or reference folders or files as a list from Mac’s Finder to tag and organize them, with the use case of organizing music projects.

  • Can tasks be archived outright or is that handled by binning them?

  • Regarding formatting, is it possible to press the Enter key but still be contained within the same block? Since I sometimes don’t want to write all the way to the next line to make a line break and visually it would help group ideas together.

  • Is there a folder path, like in Finder? I find myself creating something nested and not really sure where I am within the program.

If I had to pick one feature after using it for a few days that I love would be the toggle, I like how it allows for me to keep ideas structured and neat. I really think this is a great program, and if anything I’ve said needs clarification let me know.

This seems like you just need an Inbox system which you would empty regularly?
If I know something is of a certain type, I assign them the type on the spot, but if I’m not sure or if it’s just a quick thought, I use the default Note type. Then later on I go trough all the notes and rewrite / assign types to them. Sometimes they stay there for a few weeks even until I figure out what to do with a note.

For your workflow, you can create a Notes set in this case, and then add other relations that you might wanna use while categorizing them.

The archive / bin / delete function is for deleting objects similar to how it works in operating systems. If you want another system, you could easily create one by using a relation.

Use Shift + Enter.

There is no nesting or hierarchy in Anytype, or at least one that is created by default. What you probably did, is that you just linked to a different object. You can check all of your links by either checking the graph or the flow (Ctrl + O).

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Hello, so I haven’t been using Anytype recently but I wanted to jump back into it. So your reply was helpful but I wanted to follow up on a couple of things. My goals are categorizing and expanding on ideas. So when you say assigning an object a type would that be the same as a relation? When I’m using the Anytype mobile app I want to quickly tag an idea I’ve written so it would be useful to tag it from the “selected block” menu by holding down. Since I don’t want to create an entirely new object for a fleeting note, I guess what I’m trying to do is retroactively categorize those one-off ideas. However I’m unsure of how to add a relation to them. Also, I can turn a block of text into an object, but I’m unsure of how to change it back or change it to something else once I’ve done so. I’ve also attached a screenshot of what I am imagining, being able to add relations to blocks of text, and those would then show up as sets I can comb through later. I do apologize if I’m not understanding you, this is all new to me.