New learning video for newbies

FYI, this very helpful video was just published to YouTube by DPA yesterday.

BTW, another YouTube channel making Anytype how-to videos is @PianoMacPower



Wow, thanks for highlighting @SedesGobhani, definitely a must see!

High quality stuff from DPA and @PianoMacPower, well done guys!


These types of videos are great and the main way I learn. Thanks for linking.
I struggle to learn from documentation. So, I really look forward to seeing more practical Anytype videos like this!


Yeap I learn best by videos also. Notion has hundreds of people making how-to videos… hopefully this kind of content will increase for Anytypers.

Another video creator I have found very useful on youtube:
She apparently has been using anytype for a long time and built quite a knowledge base, and demonstrates a number of features and techniques I didn’t notice in other videos. But so far, only 3 videos, alas.

Note: I am quite new to anytype and am still figuring out how to tame it. Most no-code and low-code products have better documentation, but clearly a lot of effort is surfacing from the extended anytype team. Keep it up!

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Thanks for sharing! I think I saw scrolled past those in recommended videos but was hesitant to click based on the thumbnail images…
Pretty new here too, so always looking for more interesting use cases.