New Collection Not Showing Anything


Newly created Collection doesn’t contain anything.

There’s every possibility that this is user error / not understanding collections, but my working assumption was a collection should show all of the objects (assuming that the filter is Show All Objects), but having created a new collection it is just sitting as an empty grid.


Pressed the + button in the middle of the menu.

Presented with a blank page with the Note Task Collection My Types buttons across the top.

Pressed Collection

Selected the filter, selected Objects, selected All

When complete I am presented with a blank grid (see image)


Expected the newly created Collection to show the existing objects


New user so maybe user error?


ᅟProvide your setup info:

Macbook Air 2020

  • OS:
    Ventura 13.5.2
  • Anytype Version:
  • Tech Info:
    Device: dellagoair.local
    OS version: darwin arm64 13.5.2
    App version: 0.34.3
    Build number: build on 2023-08-16 11:07:20 +0000 UTC from at #2815587c8afa3f81e75336226cacecb7fe105e9c(v0.27.21)
    Library version: v0.27.21

What you describe here is a set :slight_smile: .

Collection contains only object you put into (or “link to”), so it start empty.
Think of it as storage (a base, a shelf,…), which contains only what you put in it.

Set is like a search view, which displays all Anytype objects (filtered as required).
If you want to see all Note, you can create a set filtered by Object type : Note.
And it will contain the objects from the start (in fact, it will display them, without containing them).


User error then. Thanks.

My understanding was that a set contained only one Type at a time.

You can also use a set by relation to filter all objects with that relation regardless of which type of object they are.

So here is why I believed that a Set only showed on type.

I created a Set click the Query and it says All. If I click Object Type it tries to limit me to a specific type, so if I back out of that I am left with this view

How do I get it to show ALL Object Types.

There is no other filter on this Set (I deleted the whatever the pre-installed Set from on boarding was called)

Yes… it is necessary to add a query. Add something like “object type” = “all” (or the Default “Name” = “all”)

The image above is the query set to Object Type = All

When I select Query it shows this:

The All is selected by default (and shows nothing), if I try to change it then I just get a list of the Types, which if I select one will return those Types. But if I set it back to All then nothing shows.

EDIT: I made a set based on Relation: Modified Date and got all of the objects to show. BUT, this is terrible UX to require a query with a dialogue box that says “Object Type / All” which doesn’t actually return All Object Types - it led me to believe that Sets were only capable of displaying one type at a time.

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Hum… it seems there is a bug.

Default Query displayed is “All object type” but it’s not :sweat_smile:.

To do it correctly :

  • Click “Add a relation
  • Choose “Object type

It provides the same query as the one already displayed, but it’s actually active this time (and visible under the title).

Haha - we both commented at the same time, I went a different route and selected a relation of Modified Date as that is common to everything

Agree :wink:.
Bug ticket opened

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I agree. Honestly, I feel like the type selection in sets should be removed and only relations should be used for queries. If you want to filter a certain type, you can just use the object type relation and then add a filter anyways. Previously, you were only able to use sets by type, and only later the ability to use relations was added. So that might explain the UX issue.
Additionally, when creating a set, the query should be set too all by default imo (so you start with all objects in a set, and then can proceed to filter it using filters).